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Buy wholesale in our handmade hammock factory in Masaya Nicaragua

In our workshop we produce high quality expertly handwoven hammocks, and we work efficiently and organized. Buy at wholesale prices and get benefits as a distributor. We export worldwide and we adapt to each country standards.

Chair hammock production

About us

We are a family business located in Masaya, Nicaragua. We have been producing hammocks all our entire life, for more than 40 years. Our founder is Félix Gutiérrez Suazo, a member of the recognized Suazo family for being the first to produce hammocks in Masaya. In the last 5 years, we have focused on wholesale clients around the world. We have adapted to each country standard, and we have shipped hundreds of hammocks through airlines to the United States of America, Puerto Rico, France, Germany and Chile, for example.

Hammocks packages shipped

How to make a wholesale order

The process is very simple and personalized. We provide all the information as you need to feel safe with your purchase.

  • Know more details about our hammocks models to you decide which are the products you are interested. You can download our PDF catalog or visit our hammocks page
  • Check our wholesale prices list
  • Ask for a quote of shipping and production time. For this, we need you get in touch with us and you provide your order details. It means, the quantity of each model you are interested. The shipping minimum weight is 100 Kg.
  • Pay in advance the 60% of the hammocks value, not including the shipping cost.
  • We produce the hammocks in the set time.
  • We send pictures of the finished order to you, confirming your hammocks are ready to ship.
  • Pay the remaining amount of hammocks cost + the shipping cost. Then, we ship the hammocks
Hammocks in pallet
Hammocks packages

Benefits of buying from us

  • We attend you in a personalized way, you talk directly with the producers. We have trained personnel for exports and decades of experience.
  • You get a guarantee on the product you buy, and we extend that guarantee even with your consumers.
  • We customize the product to your needs.
  • We look for the best shipping rate at the moment.
  • We work the packaging according to your requirements.
  • If you are an entrepreneur, we send you high quality pictures of the hammocks. So you can market the hammocks before you have them in your hands.

Our hammocks are very popular around the world, if in your locality there are nobody commercializing our hammocks, you can be the first to do it. If you are interested in getting a quote now, please leave us a message.